The Duluth East Symphonic Orchestra Concert, directed by Byron T. Klimek, was performed in the Myers-Wilkins Auditorium in Duluth, Minnesota on March 7, 2024. 


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Upcoming Performances


May 16 ~ 7pm
Orchestra Spring Concert

May 21 ~ 7pm
Band Pops Concert

May 23 ~ 7pm
Choir Spring Concert

May 28 ~ 7pm
Jazz Ensemble Concert | Pike Lake Golf & Beach Club Event Center

May 30 ~ 7pm
Choir Final Concert | UMD Weber Music Hall

May 31 ~ TBD
Collaborative concert with the Denfeld High School Orchestra


November 8 ~ 7pm
Orchestra Café Concert can be viewed here

November 10 ~ 7pm
Veterans Day Band Concert

December 5 ~ 7pm
À la Carte Concert can be viewed here

December 16 ~ 7pm
Holiday Music Concert | DECC Symphony Hall

December 20
Elementary School Holiday Music morning can be viewed here

December 21 ~ 7pm
Choralaires - Carols Concert | Vineyard East

February 10 ~ All Day
Jazz Ensemble Festival | Pike Lake Golf & Beach Club Event Center

March 7 ~ 7pm
Orchestra Symphonic Concert can be viewed here

March 14 ~ 7pm
Choir Winter Concert

March 19 ~ 7pm
Band Spring Concert

April 10
Duluth East Concert Band - Large Instrumental Group Contest can be viewed here
Duluth East Duluth East Wind Ensemble - Large Instrumental Group Contest can be viewed here
Duluth East Concert Orchestra - Large Instrumental Group Contest can be viewed here
Duluth East Symphony Orchestra - Large Instrumental Group Contest can be viewed here

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Duluth East Music Boosters serves to support and expand band, choir, and orchestra programs for Duluth East High School students and concert attendees.  We support musical education and performance, leadership, and community-building through musical opportunities for recreation, fellowship, and individual and community welfare.

Duluth East Music Boosters funds All-State student scholarships, instrument upkeep and overhauls, senior recognition, and special requests from the music directors.  We support students with scholarships for group tours and retreats.  

Our purpose is to advance the presence of quality music in our community and nurture life-long appreciation for the power of music in our lives. 

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